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Ann’s tours are based on the memories and amusing stories of old-timers whose families have been here for centuries, and supplemented with archival photos of buildings when they were new, as well as several no longer here. She is wonderfully entertaining, and I highly recommend we all take the tour!
Kat Turczyn

Ann Berdeen, tour guide for Burnsville walking tours.

What a wonderful tour of a sweet spot in the mountains. Great job. Thanks Ann.
Carole Corbin Honeycutt

Ann’s presentation was fantastic. I learned a lot about Burnsville in a short amount of time, and am eager to go on another tour.
Paula Petersen

 It’s a wonderful fun and informative tour. I can’t stop recommending it!
–Paula Petersen

Ann’s tour was excellent! She is filled with knowledge of local truths (LOL!) and facts that she happily shares. It was great to stand in the square and look at photos of 100+ year old buildings while gazing upon the current buildings and streets. She happily answered all our questions and I learned a lot about our great town. Will definitely recommend this to my guests at Kate’s Garden Refuge when they come to visit.
Kate Sharon Freemon, Katesgardenrefuge

Absolutely loved the tour!! Ann is very knowledgeable and informative. Love the stories from the “old timers”!!! Such fun! Thanks, Ann!
Tammy Strum Pittman, Thurston Associates Realtor

“I was fortunate enough to go on Ann’s History & Humor Walking tour. She is a fount of valuable information about the origins of Yancey county and the history of this beautiful place. It is wonderful to have her share her tremendous research and extensive interviews with us. She combines history with humorous anecdotes, making for a most interesting and educational tour. Don’t miss the chance to participate in History & Humor with this lovely lady.
Sandra Joan Faigle

We really enjoyed Anne’s tour. We have been around Burnsville for 4 years and picked up little bits of history but it was so fun to walk around and hear the stories and see the old photos. This is such an interesting old mountain town and glad to learn more about it!
Stephanie Burton Cooper

Check out my good friend Ann Berdeen’s History & Humor Walking Tour of Burnsville! Whether you are a lifelong resident or a new comer to town you will love Ann and her tour!
Tim Tipton

We loved the tour! I really recommend this to anyone visiting Burnsville or Mt Mitchell – if you like history and to hear fun stories of the people who lived in this town it will amuse and educate you!! Thanks Ann!!
-–Nancey Monahan

So happy to be finally able to take Ann’s tour! What a great way to spend some time learning about the unique history of Burnsville and the people that made it what we see today, especially downtown and around the square. Ann shares stories and photos that seem to make history come alive. Very worthwhile. Thanks Ann!
Warren Grafer

Ann is a delight! Her tour is very well researched and fun. She gave us so much great information on Burnsville and the area.
–Lynn Ally

We loved this tour! I learned so much about Burnsville – it’s history and many fun facts. Ann is a gracious and informative guide. She is so passionate about what she does and it shows. She spent time interviewing many of the local people to get the information that she presents. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone.
Harriet McClain Riddaugh

Interesting and informative tour of the history of Burnsville, NC. Ann Berdeen is excellent as she takes you back to a time long ago with stories, photos and humor. Easy walking. It gave us a new perspective on the town and its colorful history. Thank you Ann!
Kathy W. Evans

Ann is delightful!   We’ve moved to Burnsville recently and this was a wonderful way to get to know our little town. Ann’s presentation was informative, humorous, and captivating. She is very knowledgeable about the history and folklore of Burnsville and her delivery is engaging. I highly recommend her tour!
 — Debbie Prenger

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